Its a long term process which includes many aspects, angles, dimensions  and every counselling session conducted in a therapeutic and professional  manner.

Counselling can help the counselee to handle the life threatening situation on reality basic.
Any  person can go for counseling regardless of mental state. Any person can take help for his/her well being and help him/her self to resolve the cognitive and emotional problems.

Counselor never gives any medicine or prescribe medicines.
Counseling can help any married couple to prevent divorce but never take the decisions about divorce.
Counseling definitely can help people to become happy by making them aware about life reality.
Children can definitely improve if the parent take the help of a counselor through counseling methods & techniques.
Counselor never take any decision on behalf of the counselee but counselor can help counselee to make better decisions.
Only listening can be done by any lay person but therapeutic listening can be done by the trained counselor only.
Counseling is a process where answers to counselor’s questions help to understand counselee’s problem aand provide therapeutic help. Counselling sessions are not police enquiry.