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Reasons why people come for marital counselling.

  1. Wife gets too angry and she talk too much
  2. She has daily conversation with her mother
  3. Infrequent sexual contact.
  4. He never understands me, anything I try to tell him, He always say that do not talk about past.
  5. My husband’s first priority is his mother and hence he does not have time for me.
  6. Often I try to say something but he doesn’t listen to me, and He does not approve of what I have to say.
  7. He is a selfish person, He always try to prove that He is always right.
  8. She never learn anything about cooking from my mother but she is more influenced by her mother’s recipes.
  9. Why to stay with this person as he do nothing and if all housework ,outside work and earnings I have to manage?
  10. His mother interferes too much and we fight/argue  every-time when he speaks with her.
  11. Am I only responsible for children to study? Is he not responsible as Father?
  12. When she starts talking she talks and keep talking forever….
  13. Why she always cries in this warm home when I took all care of all?
  14. He is just like an Ox  and just shakes his head when I say / tell some thing.
  15. If he didn’t want any change in life then why did he marry me?
  16. He changed after marriage. Earlier He was romantic, talkative, caring, attentive, understanding. 


Points we cover –

  • Concept of Marriage & Sex
  • Characteristics of FAMINITY & MUSCULANITY
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Marriage
  • Three important stages in Married Life
  • Living together
  • Upbringing of children
  • Rediscovering each other after children have grown up


Analytical method

  • Emotional Needs(how much they  give active attention to each other)
  • Expectations(assessment of expectations & demands)


Transactional method

  • Sharing of mutual responsibilities


Behaviour method

  • Appreciation of positive things in partner and consider advantages of marriage

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Following  Are Just A Few Main Types Of counselling .

maritalHarmonyMarital counselling

Listening both and assessing the relationship, assessing the trust, love and sharing between a couple with the help of therapeutic Talk & Problem solving techniques

sexualHarmonyPre marital counselling

Empathizing with the person and assessing the exact fear about marriage and giving help to choose proper partner through therapeutic guide lines and if necessary sex education.

TeenageTeen age counselling

Understanding adolescents/teens in their own language and if needed or asked give the clarification about career, smart study skills. Discussing the importance about relationships especially with friends in this age.

parentingChild & Parent Counselling

We assess when a child came to us through parent, whether child is frightened, stressed out or depressed. Also we assess the relationship in between parent- child, parent-parent, child-and other family members residing under one roof.

StressAnxiety & Stress Counselling

such cases we assess the physical symptoms as well as emotional and behavioural symptoms. Here we use various behavioural and psychological techniques by which we can find out exact fear or stress trigger and let the person to deal with that.

suicideSuicidal counselling

In such a case we genuinely empathize with a person and give proper emotional reflections and incidental paraphrasing the situation and triggers. Also use of imagery technique is very powerful technique by which a person can get relaxed.

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I got deeper insights into myself. Also realized different angles and point of views in different problems. I could see a link between motions & could get at least a light sense of empathy. Today, I realized, that, How Judgmental I am ! I am finding lot of things in myself which I have not accepted yet. I finding it difficult to accept each & every person around me. But, now at least I am aware about myself & I realized I am staying in La-La land. I think I should have lot of patience to handle any client. I realized counselling anyone is not so easy. Also knowing & accepting myself first is important. I could catch some emotions & beliefs of clients. It was wonderful experience. I realized empathy is necessary & not sympathy. I got a deeper insight into myself; especially about my own emotions. Secondly, I realized during the role-play that somewhere we all have ingrained pattern of looking at things, people or problems through the specks of right & wrong, which makes “accepting” so difficult. Also, I realized the difference between admittance & acceptance. I feel content for the day, as I have been able to understand at least a few things that I should work on.

We respect our clients individuality, privacy, confidentiality and clients feel that.

We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you chose Disha Counselling , there is no need to worry about privacy and confidentiality. With over 17,390 clients and counting, you cannot go wrong with Disha Counselling. Check out what our clients are saying about Disha counselling.

As I am learning more about counseling. I am realizing it’s not that simple to do. Now,, I am understanding the details of it. Now, on 4th day of workshop there is one change in me, which I can definitely feel that I have become self aware, which is helping me in my day to day life also. I learned that, to manage anger, indirectly we have to learn how to behave after getting angry. Anger cannot be managed directly. Anger cannot be controlled but the behavior after that can be controlled. If we accept our anger then it will be much easier for us to manage.
Gourav S. Shelke
To tell the truth I was absolutely not sure whether I should spend 15 days for this course because my exams are there in these days. But, at this moment I feel that it would be okay if I even fail in those exams. This is because I feel that it is very important to discover yourself completely. If one would be able to do that he would be able to “live Life” in true sense of the phrase. In these two days I have figured out that this is exactly who I am. I am covered with responsibilities, pressures, etc. due to which self hate has come into existence. I feel that whatever “truth of living life” I am hearing today, everybody should know about it right from birth. I would certainly try to use the techniques appropriately. Thank you.
Aishwarya Vyas
Self awareness & self counselling needs to improve first. I came to know today now word it is to work on what not to think. I have to work so hard towards self awareness & self counsel. Infact whatever questions I have been asking or having for others. I have to ask myself fist just to know I am sure about what I think. Learnt difference between communication miscommunication bad communication & lack of communication. Today’s session made me think what focus means. What & now to understand event. How to proceed with client’s problem without reflecting self thoughts. Overall it was very good & productive day. Gave new attitude towards thoughts. Today I understand what is qualities of a counsellor and what can I do or not do – with client but first I can understand self awareness is most important for a counsellor.
Poonam G. Pagare
I am trying to be self aware coz I want good direction for picking our misconceptions about self & recognize self. Today I have realized the importance of self expectation which is really very important & leads you in positive approach towards knowing self. But still I am confused. Well the workshop was very interesting. Made me to think about me briefly in detail. Got the importance of expression. The proper expression i.e. proper words to form proper sentence at proper situation. But still the search of “me” is still going on. Knowing myself, self awareness what I am exactly, why & how can I improve by finding what I am still going in my mind. Expressing myself with everyone comfortably I want to improve. I saw in that box; my close ones who know what? Actual am I; what I want; how I am; he that know!! That 6 inch box actual know what am I; but 6 fit me don’t know about myself!!
Niraj More
I have learnt ‘WHO I AM’ in the real sense. I became aware of the different roles I play & in the process what I have become. Roles = Rules Learnt Magic Box characters. I have learnt what relationship I should have with myself. Its strange to have knowledge about this. Self-awareness in true sense. But, somewhere, there is something that is troubling me and I am yet to find out what that is This programme helps me reduce my frustrations. I think that is because now I understand what is happening with me and how it affects the people around me. It makes me confident … but I don’t know what to write any more. It is going to be difficult. Got to know many things about myself as well. I was very restless when I came here, after these 3-4 hrs., I think I am feeling normal because at least now I can try to understand what my own problems are. Looking forward for the next class.
Sanjeevani Veer

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