TOTAL DAYS:12 Weekends i.e on Saturday & Sunday


DATES: MAY 31, JUNE 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29 ,JULY 5,6


Fees : 8000/person

VENEU:  Disha Counselling Centre, Office no 5, Landmark Complex, 2nd floor, near krishna hospital, above Indian Overseas Bank, Paud road, Pune 411039

CONTACT: Prasanna Rabade 9881912026/9422535745

Next Basic Counselling Course


Date: Month :   MAY-JUNE 2015 Total :      06 Days Days :  Saturday & Sunday Timing : 12pm – 06pm Fees : Rs. 5000/person Request Brochure

 Self-Discovery & REBT Course( 12 Days )


Dates :MAY 31, JUNE 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29 ,JULY 5,6 Month : MAY-JUNE  2014 Total : 12 Days Days : Saturday & Sunday Timing : 12pm – 6pm Fees : Rs. 8000/person Request Brochure

Next Advance Counselling Course


Start Date : Oct 2015 Fees : Rs. 35000/person Total : 05 Months Timings: Decided before one month by meeting of probable participants Request Brochure

DISHA PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELLING CENTER was established in March 2001 in Pune.

                       When we look around, we observe so many Psychological, Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioral  problems such as Depression, Stress, Anger, Tensions, Disappointments, Frustrations, Failure, Devastation, Nervousness, Loneliness, Miserable, Helplessness, Disgust, Emptiness,  Family Disputes , Marital Problems, Parenting Problems, Adjustment Problem, Failure in Career, Child and parental conflicts, Pre-marital Problems , Couple Miscommunication, Misinformation or missing information about sex,  Adolescent problems, Teenagers handling problems for parents & teachers, Problems of housewives , Menopausal problems , Suicidal thoughts, Tendency for suicide arise out of sexual problems/sexual dissatisfaction/financial problems/ HIV/AIDS problems/Problems due to Homosexual relationship / Old –age problems/ Problems due to Alcoholism/family disputes/ relationship problems and Anxiety related psychosomatic problems like Cardiac Diseases, Diabetes , Blood-pressure, muscle pains, migraine, any psychological illness and so on . For such problems we give the service of counseling by using various psychotherapies such asRATIONAL- EMOTIVE – BEHAVIOR- THERAPY(REBT), COGNITIVE –THERAPY(CT), PERSON- CENTERED- THERAPY(CCT), BEHAVIOUR –THERAPY(BT), COGNITIVE-BEHAVIOR-THERAPY(CBT), GRIEF- THERAPY, MARITAL THERAPY, PRE MARITAL THERAPY, GROUP –THERAPY, FAMILY –THERAPY, SUPPORTIVE –THERAPIES like ART THERAPY, DANCE THERAPY, MUSIC THERAPY, DRAMA THERAPY. We give the services of Psychological Counseling. And those are  Child Counseling, Parent Counseling, Parent Child Counseling, Adolescence counseling, Counseling for handling of Teenagers for Parents & Teachers, Career Counseling, Career related counseling, Love Breakup Counseling,  Heart Break Counseling, Pre Marital Counseling, Counseling for select your soul mate, Marital Counseling, Counseling for Marital Harmony, Counseling for Marital-Sexual problems , Marital Disputes Counseling,  Divorce Counseling,  Family Counseling, Counseling to family Disputes, Counseling for Family related problems, Counseling to Housewives, Old age Counseling, Counseling to Old –age persons and family members regarding Old Age, Menopausal Counseling, Counseling to Menopausal females with husband, Counseling to Anxiety related problems, Stress Counseling, Depression counseling, Suicide Counseling, Counseling to suicidal patients and family members, , Alcoholics Counseling, Counseling to Alcoholics & their family members, HIV/AIDS Counseling, Counseling for  HIV/AIDS related problems with their family members, Sex Counseling, Counseling on Sexual problems in couple or sexual partners, Homosexual Counseling,  Counseling for Homosexuality related problems, Financial Counseling, Counseling on Financial problems with  involved persons or family members  by our expert & trained counselors. We have handled around 8500 to 9000 cases through counseling and Psychotherapy in above mentioned areas so far . Also we see  wandered & confused minds in all age group arising out of unresolved Grief & Anger. So to help them to come out of this emotional distress by making them emotionally self reliant and a functional & respectable member of the society by providing counseling services on two levels which are  CURATIVE LEVEL & PREVENTIVE LEVEL.  AND THIS IS OUR MAIN GOAL. The emotional Journey from the black clouds of Deep Depression to the Bright Rays of hope is the moto behind “Disha” !!!